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We lauched M.A.P. on November 11th 2022, Remembrance Day. This was a conscious decision as the drink is being released to honour Major Robert Cain - the only Manxman to be awarded the Victoria Cross.


Major Cain received the Victoria Cross - the most prestigious award of the British Commonwealth honours system - for gallantry at the Battle of Arnhem during the Second World War.

Born in Shanghai to Manx parents, and was educated at King William's College. He then joined the Shell Petroleum Company, working in the Far East and West Africa. During the Second World War, as a Company Commander in the 1st Airborne Division, he took part in a mass parachute drop over Arnhem in an attempt to capture a strategically important bridge. Reinforcements failed to arrive, and Major Cain and his men were cut off for six days.  During that time he attacked several German tanks even though he was wounded.  He moved constantly amongst his men, urging them to hold out. 


We believe Robert Cain represents the very best qualities that our Island has to offer; we produce extraordinary people who innately adapt to impossible situations. Robert Cain represents the silent achiever - one who knows what he’s accomplished without requiring acknowledgement. To us that’s kind of like the island on so many fronts.

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