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FIRST RULE OF #MILE9 CLUB...  TALK about the #MILE9 Club!​

GRAND OPENING is Noon on May 25, 2019,

Join us for the inaugural opening of the FV Fizz Bar down glenside along the track at #Mile9 at Blackdub.  


The FV Fizz Bar will be open everyday day of Practice Week from Noon until Dark(ish).  There will be an FV Bar, Beer, Grub, Music, Bikes, Banter and Qualifying all practice week.  


Motorbikes and other 2 wheeled vehicles are able to park on-site at the BlackDub.  

Cars and other vehicles will be able to park offsite and there is a free walk back to the BlackDub. Cars and other 4 wheeled vehicles must follow signs to the designated car parking area. 

Those needing special assistance contact a member at the BlackDub to see if there is ability to accommodate. 


Bus Vannin will stop at #Mile9 upon request.  #Mile9 is located between Glen Helen and Laurel Bank (Bus Route 5C and 6C)

During Race Day hop on the TT6 Bus and ask to be dropped off at #MILE9

Otherwise, if you make it to the Tynwald Inn at St. John's by Bus going from Douglas, Peel or Castletown, we will collect folks from Tynwald Inn every hour while the roads are open.  

FV at Blackdub Bus Map.png
BlackDubFV pic.png
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